Our Founder

Donloyn LeDuff Gadson is an author, prophetic artist, and creative director. She is a visionary dedicated to crafting stories through written words and artistic images.

As founder of Butterfly Warrior Productions, Donloyn desires to bring those words and images together, add an element of motion and create an amazing cinematography experience designed to inspire, encourage and heal audiences. To create parables in motion for the advancement of God’s Kingdom!

For many years, Donloyn has dreamed of filmmaking, screenwriting and directing.

Butterfly Warrior Productions is the realization of that dream!

“I have a calling on my life to write, direct and produce films. And not just any films. But films designed to speak to the hearts of those who are wounded, suffering and hopeless. Films created by a woman warring on behalf of God’s kingdom. Films that don’t just ‘preach to the choir,’ but ones that will reach those who may otherwise not receive the messages of healing, deliverance and redemption.”

~Donloyn, LeDuff Gadson

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