Every young girl should be told of the power she possesses and should be encouraged to set out on a personal quest to uncover it.
Inspired by the author’s own journey and metamorphosis, The Belief in Wings is an interactive personal development book designed to give teen girls the skills necessary to evolve from self-doubt to personal power and fly to unimaginable heights.
By drawing creative parallels between the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly and the transition from teen to young woman, author Donloyn LeDuff Gadson beautifully escorts girls on a three-part journey through voice, courage and power to a place of believing.
With elements of the author’s personal story carefully woven between shared wisdom, compassionate poetry and journal reflections, this book will encourage girls to believe in their unique gifting and to allow their greatness to shine.
The Belief in Wings is a must-have companion for all teen girls.

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Author and founder of Butterfly Warrior Productions, Donloyn LeDuff Gadson is a true lover of words. Words and the white spaces on which we place them.

“I craft stories. I craft stories on white spaces. My paper, my journal, my heart, my mind, my dreams, my imaginations…these are the white spaces of my life. My pen, my pencil and my thoughts…they are my crafting companions. And they love the white spaces, too.”

~Donloyn LeDuff Gadson

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