Donloyn creates art pieces that craft stories. Real stories. Oftentimes, those that are hard to hear and even more difficult to communicate. They are stories of deliverance, healing and redemption. Stories that paint vulnerabilities, weaknesses and pain in a new light. Stories that show hope. Stories that touch.

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“The In-Between” by Donloyn LeDuff Gadson

This piece depicts both the struggle and beauty of living life in The In-Between.

The woman, unwanted by either side, is sitting in the space in-between…the space called Otherness. Beautiful oaks line either side of the road, their boughs forming a blanket overhead. Oaks from Louisiana to her right. Oaks from South Carolina to her left. Yet, she is neither from here, nor from there. She is from nowhere, and from everywhere. No real place to call home. Displacement and The In-between.

The woman, unwanted by either side, is a beautiful blend. Not white; not black; not brown, yellow or red. But all. A rainbow. A compromise. Somewhere in the middle. But still…not black enough. Not white enough. Never enough of one thing to be fully accepted. Never fitting perfectly into any one box. Always pushed away. She feels the hands of rejection pressed against her. Exclusion and The In-between.

The woman, unwanted by either side, rests on a cracked foundation, and her roots are settled deeply in rocky terrain. Her base is questionable and her understructure was laid in fear, thievery and pain. Making her battle against outside struggles all the more difficult. Dysfunction and The In-between.

The woman, unwanted by either side, admits at times she feels alone, but that matters not. For she is strong, courageous, beautiful and unique. Her talents and attributes make her larger than life in the eyes of others. She is an oddity, a rare and priceless wonder. And because of her singularity, she refuses to conform. It is not in her design to yield to mediocrity. She rejoices in the acceptance, resilience and exquisiteness she has both created and found. Her light shines. Her power and artistry abound. Beauty and The In-between.


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